Race sherpa® Professional Motorsport VIP Race-Host Services

NOT your typical tour guides

Why utilize the services of a Race sherpa® ?
  1. Winning Professional Motorsport events has become even more of a challenge with each new season.

    What team wouldn't love to win - Every Weekend ?
    What sponsor wouldn't love to be in Victory Circle - at Each Event ?
    Who wouldn't want to be a part of that "Victory" ?

  2. Race sherpa® V.I.P. Race-Host Services - Provides for a Winning Race weekend !
  3. How's this you ask ?

    The interaction that takes place "behind the racing scene" with your selected V.I.P.'s and the Race sherpa® at the Motorsport Event of your choice will make it a Winning Race Weekend. The Race sherpa® is dedicated to ensuring that your V.I.P.'s have the richest race event possible.

  4. Your own private label Race sherpa® is the Race Expert and Race Color Commentary person for your V.I.P.'s trackside.
  5. Your Race sherpa® becomes the racing knowledge go-to person and as such will bring a new found focus to your V.I.P. guests and ease the demands of the overall racing operation.

    Your Race sherpa® will field questions, queries and give the inside scoop to your invited guests in an open, relaxed, fun and entertaining atmosphere.

    Whether it is while conducting tours throughout the race facility - or hosting a dinner event or casual conversation during the racing weekend, your Race sherpa® will explain things in an easy to understand way - while outlining the challenges faced and the strategies and tactics used to successfully overcome and hopefully win against the competition.

    Even those guests who may not have had a prior interest in the sport - will find the Passion for Motorsports that "oozes" from the Race sherpa® very hard to resist.

  6. Long before the checkered flag is flown it is already a Winning Race Weekend.

    Your V.I.P.'s will have already felt first hand:

    The Passion
    The Dedication
    The Team Work
    The Attention to Detail
    The Depth of Knowledge
    The Logistical Challenges and Coordination - that makes the hard work - Easy

    The rewards that come from "Taking on the Best of the Best" in open competition.

    Your V.I.P.'s will become part of "Your Team"

  7. Your Story" of Motorsport involvement will become internalized as your "Guest's Story".

    Even before the Green Flag drops and the race begins:

    Your V.I.P.'s will have been personally exposed to your Motorsport involvement - and internalized what makes Motorsports and your involvement in it - so exciting.

  8. The Race sherpa's natural ability to share their passionate love for the sport - combined with their knowledge of current and past Motorsport information - will transform Your story of Motorsport involvement to your Guest's story.

    That is - their own personalized story of their involvement with you.

  9. Your Race sherpa® allows your organization to focus on what it does best.
  10. Realizing the demands of not only running, but competing successfully at the highest levels of today's professional motorsport events requires the utmost in planning - execution - and preparation for the unexpected.

    No matter what the area of the sport your organization participates or supports in - there is an ever growing list of demands placed on a Motorsports organization.

    Allow a Race sherpa® to assist in your Winning Ways.

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