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Race sherpa FAQ's:
  1. What kind of Motorsport Events would the services of a Race sherpa be suitable for ?
  2. What kind of event did you have in mind ?

    How about the world's largest single day sporting event .. say the Indy 500?
    No problem - lots of experience with the Indianapolis 500 [ 20 + Years ] and all major open wheel racing series from the junior open wheel series - Formula Atlantic, the Road to Indy Program and Formula One just to name a few.

    How about Drag Racing ? We've had friends go to NHRA Events - and they say it is pretty amazing !
    It really is something that must be experienced in person. Television just does not capture the energy of a current day drag racing machine.
    We have six years of providing our services at NHRA Drag Racing events such as the US Nationals regarded as being the biggest Drag Racing event in the world. There are many drag racing facilities across the country - we would be more than happy to set up a custom event for you and your group.

    Long Distance Endurance Racing?
    Sure. Be it the Daytona 24 Hours / Sebring 12 Hours or Le Mans 24 Hours or other endurance event.
    This is definitely one area of motorsports with its long-time based form factor - that allows for much creativity - and sometimes needed to keep your guests involved till the finish.

    Daytona 500 or other major NASCAR sanctioned or other Stock Car events ?
    Sounds great. Don't forget there are also many Stock Car ( and Truck ) events around the country that might line up very nicely geographically with your V.I.P. list from different parts of the country.

  3. Could my Race sherpa guarantee a photo opportunity with Brittany Force ?

    Sorry - you are on your own there. But your Race sherpa will gladly point you in the direction of Brittany Force - as well other racers and celebrities and "people of interest" throughout the racing paddock. We have been fortunate over the years to assist with our clients getting photographs with people - they never thought possible.

  4. Ok you mentioned some pretty big "name events" what about smaller - or one off events?

    Events that aren't huge in size or attendance offer unique opportunities to really get people close to the action and allow for easier, faster movement within the facility than is often the case with the larger events.

    How about the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb - Or Performance Rally Racing - or RallyCross ?
    Absolutely. Fantastic opportunities for hosting and entertaining in beautiful parts of the country.

    There is a local short track oval not far from our headquarters. Could we do something there ?
    Of course. Nothing like seeing first hand grassroots racing at its finest. Many local tracks really know how to put on a great show - and provide very creative family style entertainment.

  5. There was a movie I saw called "From Dust to Glory" It was about off-road racing and it had Robby Gordon in it. Would a Race sherpa be good for an off-road or Rally style event?
    Yes. Eat My Dust ! Pardon the expression ! Off-Road Racing - Performance Rally Racing - RallyCross offers some of the most exciting racing there is - and we are experienced with this.

    I saw the movie "The World's Fastest Indian". I really enjoyed it. How about visiting a land-speed record attempt ?
    Fantastic - How many people would you like to bring ?

  6. You mentioned how many people ? Ok - on that subject what is a good number for the Race sherpa service ?
  7. Whatever your number of V.I.P. guests let us know. Realistically from as low as "One to Two" people - to over three hundred has been in our past experience. Your Race sherpa Race Host V.I.P. service will scale to your needs with the proper time for planning and preparation.

  8. But don't Racetracks often provide their own racetrack tour guides ?
  9. See the note up top "Not your average tour guides" A Race sherpa would never give a canned presentation - or ask people to move along now !

    Each Motorsport organization has its own distinct corporate framework and culture. Your Race sherpa will work within your framework and culture in a seamless transfer to your V.I.P. guests.

  10. Our racing organization often has one of our drivers appear for special events. Sometimes they can't make it to the event as planned. Could a Race sherpa talk to everyone and bring them up to speed as to the team's progress etc. ?
  11. A Race sherpa doesn't need the backdrop of a Motorsport Event for enthusing your V.I.P.'s - Be it an Annual General Meeting - Press Conference - Trade Show or other event, Race sherpas will bring excitement and enthusiasm fresh from the track.

    A Race sherpa can also warm up the group prior to the drivers appearance in the same way that a great "opening act" will warm the room for the main entertainment.

  12. How do I know that a Race sherpa will do a great job on our organization's behalf ?
  13. In 2011, RaceDrive Interactive Inc. the company behind Racesherpa.com was proud to have entered our seventh year of providing Race sherpa services for one of the most successful corporate sponsor, open wheel racing team relationships in the history of IndyCar Motor Racing and of the Indianapolis 500. Changes in Federal Regulations meant we were no longer able to serve this client.

    In 2014, we proudly continued providing Race sherpa services for a brand new Motorsports client, this time one with major international scope and presence. This was a brand new client for us in 2011, and new to Motorsports involvement in 2010.

    2024 will be our twentieth year of in depth continuous Race sherpa services to the IndyCar Series.

    We continue to welcome new clients and proudly continue to provide services for existing clients.

    We are also very proud to serve Road Racing Series such as - IMSA International Motor Sports Association.

    We have found our services in demand especially at the longer endurance events like the Sebring 12 Hours Endurance Race where we provided our Race sherpa services for Bell Micro Racing.

    We have had clients for RallyCross Events - NASCAR Cup Level Events and the World's Largest Drag Racing Event - the NHRA National Hot Rod Association's US Nationals.

    Allow a Race sherpa to assist in your Organization's Winning Ways.

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